Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Barn Bazaar

My family went out to the Barn Bazaar out in Spangle for the first time this last Saturday. Those women do an awesome job! The cute pumpkins, mums, and Fall decor were everywhere, not to mention the adorable farmhouse. I didn't see a corner of the property that didn't have cute decor, old signs, etc. The store inside the barn was also great. Great vendors, great location, I will be back next year for their July show...hopefully as a vendor this time.


Two Women Vintage Goods said...

Thank you for the lovely post about our show. We have so much fun doing it. I have really enjoyed reading your blog - your post about growing up on the farm is so true.

Mermaids of the Lake said...

Oh, Kristen, this show looks amazing. I live in the Spokane area and had family in Cheney, Marshal, and Spangle. I would have loved to go to this show! My aunt lived on a dairy farm off of Cheney Spangle road and I have such memories! Thank you for sharing. I will try to find out more about this show for next time.

Mermaid Debbie


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