Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thank you!

An huge "Thank you!" is overdue to all the wonderful (and patient) Farm Chicks shoppers who braved the crowds and came out this last weekend.  This wonderful show would not be possible without you and it what makes all of this special.  I only wish I would have had more time to chat with everyone.  I hope you all found a treasure or two to take home and enjoy!


Fellow Farm Chicks Vendors

One of my favorite things about The Farm Chicks Show is seeing the awesome amount of creativity that exists.  It is inspiring and makes me feel so wonderful to be a part of!  Although, I seriously could have taken a million pictures, I had about 15 minutes to walk around the show before the floodgates opened.  I snapped a few, as I was carrying around some purchases, so some are a bit blurry, but I wanted to share them anyway.
The adorable Farm Chicks Carnation milk truck
Heather Bullard - so beautiful

Funky Junk Hollie and Ballyhoo Christy (just love them!)

Lisa Souers - always a huge inspiration for me!
Unexpected Necessities - some of the sweetest women I know
Wild Whimsy - talented local gals

Tarte- what can I say?  She's awesome!
Happy Endings- more local talent
Forget Me Not Dreams - the wonderful neighbors across the way

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Big Farm Chicks Load-up

Tonight was the big load-up night for The Farm Chicks Show this weekend.  As tomorrow is the unpacking and display day, the long process of cramming as much furniture as we possibly can into TWO trailers is done the night before so we can be out to the Fairgrounds bright and early!  I tried to snap some pictures of the huge amount of furniture that's going to the show, but it was hard with the kids and the furniture always moving!  Here are a few little sneak peeks:

We squeezed it all in!  I couldn't help but notice that the U-haul trailer that was randomly picked out for us has a picture of a man driving a tractor on the side.  How perfect for The Farm Chicks Show!

Up next...Some preview pictures of the booth and some of the amazing talented vendors. 


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