Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Beach-Inspired Bling With Martha Stewart Jewelry

Martha Stewart is at it again...  With many amazing craft products already on the shelves at Michael's Craft Stores, she's adding a new line of Martha Stewart Jewelry to the list as well.  I love getting a hold of new jewelry-making materials so when a big box of Martha's new products came to my door, I knew I was going to have some fun...

From chains, charms, rhinestones, cabochons, amazing tools, epoxy clay, to enamel paints and glazes for jewelry (yes, you can paint jewelry too), there are so many possibilities in this new line.  There were so many possibilities that it was hard to just pick one project to do!
One of the first items that caught my eye were the beautiful turquoise rhinestones...such a great color!  With a cute rhinestone crab charm and with summer being right around the corner, I envisioned a bit of "beach bling".
Even if you've never made jewelry before, this bracelet (or anklet) and earring set are very simple with just a few tools and supplies.  For any kind of jewelry-making, it's essential to have a few basic tools and findings to always have on hand including round-nose pliers, flat-nose pliers, small wire cutter, jump rings and clasps, jewelry glue, and silicone work mat.  Martha's tools are high quality and I just love having the silicone mat to use...especially when working with rhinestones.    
Making earrings is a great project to start with.  To make the turquoise rhinestone drop earrings, you'll need the following:
1 pkg. of 10mm Turquoise Rhinestones
1 pkg. of 10mm Round Settings
1 pkg. of earrings (6pc)
jewelry glue, jump rings, tools
Using just a dab of jewelry glue, secure the rhinestones in the settings.  Since the glue dries almost immediately, the settings can then be linked together with small jump rings. 
Just use the jewelry pliers to open up the rings, linking three rhinestones per earring...  Super easy earrings that make a statement...
To make the beachy bracelet, you'll need the following:
1 pkg. 6mm Turquoise Rhinestones
1 pkg. 6mm Round Settings
The remaining 10mm Turquoise Rhinestones and Settings (from earrings)
1 Turquoise and Silver Crab Charm
Silver chain, jump rings, clasp
As with the earrings, set the rhinestones in the settings with a dab of jewelry glue and wait to dry.  Using wire cutters, snip silver chain to desired length for bracelet or anklet...just measure your wrist or ankle and add an inch or so depending how loose you want it to be.  With your jewelry pliers, add jump rings and clasps on the ends of the chain...
Since the crab charm is the highlight of the bracelet, add a jump ring to the center and attach the charm...
Depending on the look of your beachy charm bracelet, work around the chain adding various sizes and lengths of rhinestones.  To mimic the look of the dangle earrings, I doubled-up the 6mm rhinestones for the bracelet...
I kept my charm bracelet fairly simple, but I can envision adding more charms, rhinestones, or beads for a fuller effect as well.  There are tons of coordinating options in the new jewelry line.
For simple jewelry creations to products for the more advanced jewelry artist, Martha Stewart's new jewelry line will have something for everyone.  In fact, my twelve-year old daughter has shown quite an interest in making jewelry and you can bet we will be sitting down together with my new box of goodies for a little jewelry lesson.  I can't wait to see what she creates!

To see more inspiration from the Martha Stewart Jewelry line, you can visit Plaid Crafts here:


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Plaid, Martha Stewart, and The Blueprint Social. Projects and opinions are my own.

There are also several other bloggers creating some gorgeous DIY Jewelry, so keep a lookout!


  1. yes, I will take it. :) I would love to try it, but with my eyesight I would need a pretty amazing magnifying glass. :) I love the combo and especially the little crab since I am a Cancer. :)


  2. I love anything Martha! Now, we just need to get her to create her own line of chalk paint that will be cheaper and easily available to the masses!!!

  3. That blue is so beautiful - I love what you made with it!

  4. Beautiful Kristen...and love the gorgeous color!...My daughter in law would go crazy over that crab charm...will have to try my hand at that!!..
    I was at JC Penney and was amazed at the Martha Stewart collection there!!!...

  5. It's all so beautiful Kristen! Perfect for summer! :-)

  6. Picturing me rocking this as I lounge down the shore (that's Jersey speak for the beach)!!!


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